ATOMOS Racks the 4K/UHD Shogun Studio

atomos-shogun-0615Harnessing the latest recorder, monitor and playback technology with class leading Atomos usability and affordability, the Shogun Studio reinvents what is capable within a 3RU rack product. Designed from the ground up with the rack environment in mind, the Shogun Studio has an extensive recorder, monitor and playback deck feature set, making it perfect for the Live Event, Studio, On-set and Broadcast environment.

At its core, Shogun Studio is:

  • A future proof path to 4K and 1080p60, recording to popular professional codecs like Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHR and Cinema DNG all in 10-bit 4:2:2 quality.
  • Utilize the two channels for dual codec, dual resolution recording. Record simultaneously (e.g., 4K ProRes on one channel, 2K/HD DNxHD on the other) or convert or duplicate files (e.g., create a 4K ProRes version of a 4K DNxHR file).
  • Powerful scheduled playback and record via Ethernet, Serial and On-screen. The combination of playlist generation and dual channel play out in 4K or down scaled HD can be used to schedule synchronized play out for video walls, signage, projection or broadcast.
  • Class leading monitors and test measurement for perfect 4K viewing and set up. The 7″ 325ppi monitor offers an array of scopes, 3D LUTs, 2:1/1:1 zoom, 179 degree viewing area, safe area grid lines and can be calibrated using the optional Spyder unit.
  • Powerful & intuitive AtomOS offers one touch simplicity for any operator.
  • The Atomos Master Caddy for reliable, affordable open standard media — the new digital tape.
    Built in continuous HDMI and SDI down conversion and down scaling from 4K to 2K/HD to any infrastructure.
  • Dual redundant power supplies, for mission critical reliability.
  • For ProAV integrators, the play list functionality and control via RS422, Ethernet or on screen, offers an affordable 4K and HD play out engine for video walls, signage and projection.
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For Event professionals, Shogun Studio solves many of the problems faced by multi-camera events with long run times. Our Master Caddy delivers affordable and reliable media while features like time lapse, pre-roll cache and 4K/HD simultaneous recording make this the perfect choice for Event professionals.

In Mobile Production, the tight squeeze on rack space and rising recording resolutions mean that Shogun Studio will be welcomed for the ability to record, monitor, test, measure, convert and play out from a single 3RU device integrating two channels of record and playback with dual 7″ monitors.

For Security applications a wide angle lens on a 4K camera can mean a single camera replaces the equivalent of four HD cameras. The Studio Shogun, with its long record time, time lapse, record scheduling and monitor zoom capability makes it the perfect weapon for 4K security applications.

All the specs are here.