Atlona Prepares North American Debut of AV Innovations in Collaboration and Control at InfoComm 2017

Atlona will debut several key new innovations at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, with a focus on emerging trends in collaboration and control across commercial AV environments.

Cloud-Based Control

Atlona will present live demonstrations at Booth 3961 to showcase several technological advances and industry firsts. This includes the North American debut of Velocity, Atlona’s all-new AV system control platform for Atlona and third-party products in commercial AV environments. Covering a range of AV environments from individual meeting rooms to an entire campus or enterprise, Velocity allows agile AV system configuration and deployment, plus centralized management for multiple clients and site installations. It also features an innovative cloud and premise-based system architecture with unprecedented scalability up to 500 room systems or more, as well as full redundancy capability that prevents AV control downtime in any room.

Anticipated to ship this June, Velocity integrates three distinct elements that work together as a single, unified platform:

  • Velocity Control Suite; a cloud-based service and centralized resource for integrators to create and manage AV control projects
  • Velocity Control Gateway, a software-based control processor that resides on-site with the client’s AV systems, and is configured and managed remotely through the Velocity Control Suite
  • Velocity Touch Panels, enabling easy BYOD integration with tablets, smartphones, laptops, PC desktops and touch displays, and available in 5.5” and 8” screen sizes


InfoComm 2017 also marks the North American debut of the AT-UHD-SW-510W, the latest member of Atlona’s five-input SW Series of 4K/UHD integration solutions for AV signal switching. The SW-510W simplifies AV system design, integration, and operation by combining traditional wired plus wireless AV connectivity in a single box, offering a universal AV switching device for use across multiple corporate, education and other AV verticals. Importantly, the SW-510W is Atlona’s first true BYOD innovation, allowing presenters to quickly connect into an AV system with the mobile device of their choosing.

The SW-510W is the first product of its kind to integrate switching for both wired and wireless AV sources, as well as the first AV switcher to include a USB-C input alongside HDMI and DisplayPort. The main benefit is a single, compact solution for universal BYOD compatibility — together with value-added features including automatic display control, automatic input selection, and mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs.

AV Over IP

Introduced at InfoComm last year and now shipping, OmniStream Atlona’s first line of AV over IP products, will once again feature prominently on Atlona’s booth. New features are expected around HDR, HDCP 2.2, and Video Wall capability,plus interoperability with key networked audio standards. Atlona continues to invest heavily in evolving the OmniStream feature set to support dependable, high-performance 4K video distribution over enterprise-wide network installations. OmniStream’s network-based approach redefines AV distribution over IP networks and addresses the many challenges of integrating and managing AV signal routing over Ethernet including system redundancy by simplifying interconnection between multiple rooms and floors, over an entire building, and across corporate and university campuses.

Simple Collaboration

Atlona’s latest core switching, distribution, and connectivity solution, the AT-UHD-CLSO-840, will also be showcased for collaboration projects at InfoComm 2017. The AT-UHD-CLSO-840 is an 8×4, 4K HDMI and HDBaseT switcher that gives customers a powerful matrix for videoconferencing, distance learning, and training rooms. The CLSO-840, now shipping, offers local and remote inputs and outputs for flexibility across AV formats and connectivity options, with five HDMI and three HDBaseT inputs, two HDMI outputs and two HDBaseT outputs.

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