AtlasIED Announces Release of Next-Generation IP Endpoints, the IPX Series

The IPX Series from AtlasIED is designed for quick notification through audio and visual messages, making it a solution for safety communications. Emergency notifications need to be targeted and timely with audio that is intelligible and visual alerts that reinforce the audio message.

Through a unified communications environment or the AtlasIED Globalcom.IP ecosystem, the IPX Series also delivers smart automation including pre-programmed notifications like bells and tones. Additionally, by using GLOBALCOM.IP or .EDU, a rich library of pre-recorded messages is available that can be broadcast to specific zones or all-call.

The IPX Series utilizes Power Over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) using a single connected network cable that supplies power, source material and control with no additional wiring required.

Each IPX Series loudspeaker model includes an integrated talkback microphone for full-duplex communications. Simply pressing a button allows communication with a preset location tied into one of its general purpose inputs. These GPIO connection ports additionally give the ability for external devices to trigger system activations such as pre-recorded announcements, magnetic locks and more.

Talk To Me Interoperability ensures the IPX units can work within any VoIP system as they are open-platform engineered to communicate and be controlled by the top-selling providers of unified communications software platforms and standard SIP PBX systems.

Here are all the details.