Zoom Debuts Zoom Phone – Attacking Slack and Microsoft Teams in the Process

Simply put, Zoom Phone includes business phone system features that enable employees to talk anytime, anywhere. Conceptually, this isn’t new, but this is Zoom – the company that literally disrupted and took over the majority of the video conferencing market in less than four years of existence. So, don’t just blow this off as another RingCentral or Vonage. But, if I were them, or 8×8, I’d be very concerned.

Having mostly invented the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) market, Zoom Video now simply includes a phone that supports outbound and inbound calling through the PSTN. And, it was seamlessly integrated into the Zoom Meetings client nearly overnight (in the USA and Canada) and will roll-out worldwide by this summer. Go ahead, open the Zoom Meetings client and you will see it right there – it’s labeled Phone. Click on it and it produces a keypad. If Zoom is already integrated with your contact database, you can call anyone with it – if it isn’t, you can dial by number. In fact, Zoom Phone is already preconfigured for SIP and supports Twilio Flex and Five9.

So now, the Zoom Meetings app includes voice, video, voicemail, messaging, meetings and conferencing; and any user can seamlessly make and receive calls over cellular voice, cellular data or WiFi connections; and the app, of course, natively support Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android apps.

The Zoom Phone functionality includes:

  • Intelligent Call Routing & Management
  • Auto Attendant & IVR
  • Voicemail & Call Recording
  • Enterprise-level network security and HD audio
  • Interoperability with standards-based endpoints like those from Polycom and YeaLink
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