ARTHUR HOLM showcasing the widest range of motorized screens at InfoComm MEA

ImprimirARTHUR HOLM, state of the art leading monitor manufacturer, is pleased to present the widest product portfolio of motorized retractable, foldable and stationary monitors at Infocomm MEA 2013; astonishing products with amazing control and communications functionalities, exclusive cutting edge features and new exclusive functionalities.

Arthur Holm has proven is quality and reliability achieving great references in the MEA region, such as  IPIC , ARAMCO, TASWEEQ,  The Gas Exporting Countries Forum, KUFPEC, The University of Kuwait, PAAET, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company, Fisherness , Audit Bureau and the Majlis  Oman among others. The company’s products have become a sign of distinction and design technology in the most prestigious corporations and institutions all over the world.

Wisely combining Scandinavian design tradition with broadcast electronics and total flexibility, ARTHUR HOLM is today the market leader in exclusive and high end monitors for meeting room, conference room, auditorium, parliament, senates, congress halls, institutions, corporations and hospitality applications.

The strengths and reliability of the ARTHUR HOLM products are protected by international patents and they are based on more than 20 years of craftsmanship experience and industrial leading manufacturing methods.

The complete range of ARTHUR HOLM Dynamic products will be on display at Infocomm MEA, comprising motorized retractable single and double face monitors, manually and motorized foldable, unfoldable and rotatable screens and the latest company’s development, DynamicTalk, an innovative lift system for gooseneck microphones. Dynamic monitors will be shown in all their versions, including built -in cameras, multi-touch screens and fixed and retractable microphones. All ARTHUR HOLM monitors are HDCP compliant and are controllable and diagnosable with individual addressing for each monitor through the AH net system.

The AH net solution will have a singular relevance during the show, with a special area dedicated to its demonstration. Prestigious institutions and corporations all over the world have been using ARTHUR HOLM ERT interfaces and the AH net software as a tool for control, remote diagnose and energy saving, which acquires special relevance when there is an important number of monitors to be installed.

Thanks to this system, the installation costs can decrease substantially and system integrators can provide a much faster and efficient service to the end users. The AH Net Software makes the control extremely easy, as well as the installation and the administration of the monitors. It adds feedback from each device, allowing onsite or remotely located staff to get information about the status of up to 900 screens. This feature allows an optimal preparation of meetings and conferences making sure that all equipment is prepared in advance.

The AH Net control solution is operated through RS-422 or RS-485; the ERT interface (router) connects the monitors directly to a PC or can be used via a local network, a tablet or IPAD, or by any standard control system. The open AH Net protocol makes the use and the installation of the motorised ARTHUR HOLM and ALBIRAL monitors, the most cost effective solution on the market as no additional power sources or distribution boxes are needed.

The AH Net solution can send e-mail updates on the monitor status, by using standard e-mail accounts and can also provide ARTHUR HOLM service staff to remotely access the installation.

The ERT interface together with the AH net is a very powerful tool, with capacity to control both Dynamic 1, Dynamic 2, Dynamic 3 monitors and DynamicTalk. It permits individual, group or total control, it helps to optimize the overall power consumption and it allows a remote service.