Arista Corporation Announces the RS-123 Universal Rack Mount Extender

Arista Corporation announces the RS-123 Rack Mount Extender / Computer. Designed as a 19-inch, 1RU rack mount chassis that can house two inter-connected modules, the RS-123 is a versatile solution to the challenges of displaying digital signage over considerable distance.

The RS-123 is available in two configurations: transmitter and receiver. The signal transmitter configuration combines the Arista ARD-1006-A07-TX transmitter with the company’s MicroBox-1100A-E01 computer module. With the HDBaseT 2.0 transmitter and computer installed in the RS-123 chassis, the computer display can be extended up to 330 feet away. The ARD-1006-A31-TX AV over IP transmitter and the MicroBox-1100A-E01 computer can be used to switch the computer display to different LCD monitors. If a distance greater than 330 feet is required, the ARD-1006-B31-TX transmitter module with an optical fiber interface can be installed in the RS-123 chassis as an option in leu of the ARD-1006-A31-TX.

For the receiver configuration, the RS-123 configuration combines the Arista ARD-1006-A07-RX receiver with the company’s AMP-1006-S04 splitter module. With the HDBaseT 2.0 receiver and splitter installed in the RS-123, the system provides the ability to display a remote video signal to multiple LCD monitors. If the ability to display a selected video source from among multiple video sources onto multiple LCD monitors is required, the RS-123 chassis can be configured with the ARD-1006-A31-RX AV over IP receiver and the AMP-1006-S04 splitter module. If a distance greater than 330 feet is required, the RS-123 chassis can be outfitted with Arista’s ARD-1006-B31-RX receiver module with fiber interface in lieu of the ARD-1006-A31-RX. The AMP-1006-S04-SDI optional module is available when connecting to multiple SDI monitors is needed.

The Arista RS-123 Rack Mount HDBaseT Extender / Computer chassis carries an MSRP starting from $600. All products are expected to be available Q3 2018.

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