APOGEE Interactive and Control4 Collaborate to Connect Consumers to the Smart Grid

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Apogee-logo-0110 Control4-logo-0110Control4 and APOGEE Interactive announced a strategic relationship at CES to incorporate Apogee’s energy analysis software into the Control4 home area network solution, the Energy Management System 100. By analyzing and presenting the data gathered by the Energy Management System 100 in an easy-to-understand interface and linking that with control over home devices, consumers can see the impact of changing their usage and realize substantial energy savings in the home.  Wink, wink.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Hey, at least they’re trying.  If you want to read the entire press announcement they sent out at CES, go here:  http://www.control4.com/news/94/44/APOGEE-Interactive-and-Control4-Collaborate-to-Connect-Consumers-to-the-Smart-Grid/