AMX Releases VARIA Series of Touch Panels

varia amx touch panels

AMX hadn’t disappeared but, many of the #AVtweeps on social media have been wondering if the company was committed to the control system market any longer — since nearly everything it has focused on since the Samsung acquisition of Harman has been either UCC-related or AV-over-IP based. But, Tuesday, AMX said — emphatically — that it is still in the control systems business and will soon launch an entirely new platform — starting with a new line of touch panels dubbed Varia.

AMX Varia Touch Panels are what the company calls professional-grade panels designed to adapt to the needs of your environment by offering a selection of personas — without proprietary programming. Varia personas are pre-loaded apps that define the entire panel experience. Personas include Web Kiosk, Zoom Rooms Controller, AMX Book Room Scheduling and AMX G5 Control.

There are two styles available in the line: Varia and Varia SL. Varia is available in three screen sizes: 8″, 10.1″ and 15.6″ and offers mounting flexibility. Panels can be mounted to a wall, glass, VESA-mount, or to a tabletop via an optional accessory. Varia SL is optimized for in-wall installations, utilizing standard single-gang electrical boxes, and is available in two sizes: 5.5″ and 8″. Two Varia “No-Comm” models exclude the camera, NFC, and microphone to meet the security requirements of facilities that do not allow these capabilities.

amx aria

Varia panels include the most advanced security protocols and an integrated wizard streamlines initial setup and CloudworX Manager ensures seamless future support through mass configuration and updates. Any-color side LEDs on Varia Touch Panels can be programmatically configured to any of over 16 million colors, opening a world of opportunities and applications. Whether indicating meeting room occupancy status or just throwing out a cool glow and vibe, Varia any-color side LEDs define the custom look.

Integrated speakers, microphones and a front-facing HD camera enable a wide range of telephony and video conferencing apps to be utilized effectively with Varia Touch Panels. NFC, proximity sensing and ambient light sensing and more robust features empower advanced environment integration.

All of them are here: