Amino Announces ‘Amino Orchestrate’ Tools for Managing Enterprise Video, Digital Signage Services

amino orchestrate

Amino (demo’ing at ISE stand: 3P300) today announced the launch of the Amino Orchestrate suite of tools designed for simplifying management of Enterprise Video and Digital Signage services. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution claims to make it easy to manage services and devices.

Amino Orchestrate assists in the deployment and management of digital signage media players through an web-based graphical interface. It gives users centralized view and control of devices deployed anywhere, even across various geo-locations. Orchestrate supports “zero-touch” provisioning where new devices can automatically be configured with the latest firmware and device configurations. Users can utilize the graphical interface, or take advantage of Orchestrate’s web API’s, to automate provisioning, deployment and updating of devices. New features and security updates can be deployed on a global scale or to targeted groups of devices by selecting the device group and assigning the desired firmware. Orchestrate provides a host of diagnostic data and associated tools that enable quick resolution of issues when and if they do occur.

They say a key advantage of the platform is how on-screen content can be viewed remotely via the user interface, enabling centralized video teams to validate video delivery or troubleshoot issues. A real-time view of the screen makes it possible to validate device performance. If the device is not functioning as expected, Orchestrate makes it easy to identify any issues remotely.


  • Remote view and control of on-screen menus
  • Connectivity and performance diagnostic data about the media player and connected screen
  • Data diagnostics relevant to content delivery and device performance
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Centralized device management and software updates
  • Protects brand reputation by ensuring problems are resolved quickly