AMETEK SurgeX Shows Vertical Series+ at CEDIA Expo 2023

ametek surgex vertical series cedia

AMETEK SurgeX debuted the Vertical Series+ at CEDIA Expo 2023. The Vertical Series+ smart PDU is designed for space-efficient power distribution, quality assurance and power management. Its design offers integrators a “versatile solution that can be easily installed with or alongside rack-mounted equipment.” The Vertical Series+ comes in 8, 16 and 24 receptacle configurations, simplifying cord management and allowing integrators to power all devices within any rack configuration.

Part of the SurgeX Protect + Connect family, the Vertical Series+ is fully IP-controllable with SurgeX CONNECT: a cloud-based solution enabling monitoring and managing power health for fleets of compatible SurgeX devices. With SurgeX CONNECT, integrators can control, configure and deploy connected devices from a centralized dashboard. This software can be accessed from anywhere with Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor, identify and alleviate recurring power issues. As a result, customers and integrators alike save time and money with reduced truck rolls, troubleshooting and downtime.

The Vertical Series+ offers analytical software, sequencing and monitoring capabilities, including remote power down and reboot, sequencing, power cycling, advanced scheduling and auto-ping. The Vertical Series+ is compatible with popular control systems for seamless integration in residential and commercial applications. Combining these features complements power quality systems and supports integrators in keeping systems up and running without interruptions, failures or glitches.