AMD Adds Six New Digital Media Recording Products

Advanced Media Design announced six new Digital Media Recording products in the company’s MediaPOINTE line. The new additions include the ability to record and stream video in several new resolutions, including WXGA and HD, in real time and at frame rates of up to 30FPS, according to AMD. Several DMR models now include AMD/MediaPOINTE’s CopyMe! technology, which lets users record a session and take it with them using an optical drive and flash drive ports. This ability lets users distribute copies of their content at the end of the meeting.

The new DMR 150 can record two unique video sources such as Composite Video and S-Video, and the DMR 160, 210 and 310 have built-in CD-RW drives with the new CopyMe! feature.

An improved user interface has enhanced management capabilities and an expanded API with an RS-232 command set for easier programming and integration. The new front control panel offers end-users more flexibility in controlling the system, says the company, and a hand-held remote control operates on-screen menus displayed on the DMR output.

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