Alcons Audio Details ISE 2020 Plans

alconsaudio iseAlcons Audio is bringing its Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 and enabling visitors to experience the sound quality at high SPLs of the company’s pro-ribbon sound systems. New products also will be previewed to highlight the next generation of the company’s audio solutions.

Partners for this year’s Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience are Sony for projection, Storm Audio for processing, ShowTex for acoustics and DreamScreen for the screen technology.

Located at stand 6-K160, the Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience will feature all-digital, lossless signal distribution from source to amplification, in an 11.x.8 surround configuration. The system will feature LCR channels of three pro-ribbon CRMS mkII Cinema Reference Monitor Systems with six CRMSC-LFE18 screen subwoofers that will be complemented by eight CRMSC-SRHV90 and eight wide-dispersion CRMSC-SRHV120 compact horizontal/vertical reference surround units, for base and height level surround respectively.

The system will be powered and controlled by 28 channels of Sentinel3 and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers, with processing and room calibration by Storm Audio’s latest preamp, the ISP.32 Digital AES MK2. The 32 AES3 outputs unit can decode all-immersive formats up to 13.1.10 and supports, amongst others, DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced, HDMI eARC and the new Dirac Live Bass Control module.

Due to the ShowTex acoustic baffles and the precise projection of the Alcons speakers, the Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience can deliver ultra-low distortion sound with high dynamics in the environment of the show floor.

Alcons will also be showing its new CRMS-SRHV/9090 compact horizontal/vertical reference immersive surround with patent-pending 90×90 waveguide and the QB242 modular low-frequency array column. Following its successful global launch at the NAMM show, Alcons will host off-site demos of the LR24 mid-size pro-ribbon line array module.

The company has been a long-term supporter of the show and returns as an official ISE Technology Partner. Alcons will again be one of the providers for the ISE Main Stage theatre, this year featuring a pro-ribbon LR7 micro line-array system with cardioid subwoofer array.

More information is here.