Airtame Partners With Rise Vision for Safety Communication in Educational Facilities

rise vision airtame

Airtame announced a partnership with digital signage software developer Rise Vision to bring communication, safety and collaboration to educational facilities.

For the first time, Rise Vision emergency alerts will be able to override a screen-sharing session on Airtame devices, bringing emergency alerts and increased safety to the classroom and other school settings where critical information must be distributed. The partnership, which first began in May 2021 to allow for seamless Rise Vision digital signage capabilities on Airtame-powered screens, will now provide schools with increased security capabilities and the opportunity to share emergency information on a large-scale to improve response time.

Rise Vision solutions provide software and hundreds of K-12 specific templates that can be used in the classroom for morning announcements, class schedules and reminders, positive culture builders like daily acts of kindness, and auto-updating templates like this day in history, a national day of the week, and many more! Paired with the Airtame platform –— which creates a “smarter and more engaging shared screen experience with hybrid conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage” — the technology provides increased value to school systems.

With the combined capabilities of Airtame and Rise Vision, districts have the flexibility to use screens effectively to improve communication, wirelessly screen share from any laptop and mobile device, and keep schools safe by broadcasting alerts to all Airtame-powered screens in classrooms and common areas — streaming will be shut down simultaneously on all screens to display alerts.

With the ability to control messaging across interactive flat panels, projectors, and TVs in any room, with the added benefits of high-quality service, free training, and low-maintenance solutions, the partnership claims to bring schools a “one-of-a-kind solution.” The hardware and software also claim to eliminate downtime, reduce tickets, and simplify large deployments for school IT departments to save resources and funding, slashing the maintenance burden and empowering teachers and students.