K-array Launches Mastif Line of Speakers for Live Events

K-array just launched new speaker/monitors in a line called Mastif, the KM312, KM312P, KM112 and KM11P. The monitors feature an asymmetrical 100° by 30° horn granting performers the possibility to select a wide or narrow sound emission. And with a strong stainless steel grill and sturdy birch wood chassis, these monitors are built to withstand any onstage abuse that may incur from the musical acts.

The larger models of the Mastiff line, the KM312 and the KM312P, feature three 12” woofers and produce a maximum SPL output at 136 dB (peak). K-arrays says these hard-hitting speakers are ideal for touring, concerts, music festivals and live events in large venues and are prefect for drum monitoring. The Mastiff KM312 is the active model while the Mastiff KM312P is passive.

The Mastiff-KM112 and Mastiff-KM112P are also potent yet in a smaller, compact form factor. Both models feature a coaxial 12” woofer and reach a maximum SPL of 133 dB (peak). The self-powered KM112 has a power output to drive the KM112P passive version, which in turn can drive a stereo mix, as well as a Thunder KMT18P for a drum fill.

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