3M Exhibits New Multi-Touch Portfolio

3Mvideo-07133M exhibited its latest Projected Capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch display concepts and wide product portfolio at KIOSK Europe Expo (KEX) 2013. The now available 21.5” commercial grade chassis for interactive applications was demonstrated alongside the new 46” chassis display. Visitors also had the opportunity to get hands-on with a 46” collaborative multi-touch table concept and a vertically mounted 55” multi-touch prototype display.

The 21.5-inch 3M Multi-Touch Display C2167PW, available since May, was exhibited at KEX showing visitors its ability to combine multi-touch performance, high-definition graphics, ultra-wide viewing angles, flat front surface product design and all-steel frame into a fully integrated, commercial grade multi-touch chassis device.

The new 46” 3M Multi-Touch Display C4667PW chassis was demonstrated as a large-format, interactive table top application to highlight new opportunities for designers and creative teams in markets such as retail, hospitality and banking. Its ultra-slim, lightweight and ruggedized open frame design allows easy integration in to applications like this, as well as kiosks and enclosures.

C4667PW_Multi-Touch_Display-0713Both 21.5-inch and 46-inch high-definition 1080p LCD displays feature a wide 178-degree viewing angle (horizontal/vertical). The 21.5-inch offers 20-touch multi-touch performance for intuitive on-screen collaboration with an ultra-fast 8 ms touch response for advanced multi-touch applications. The 46-inch is capable of tracking 60 simultaneous touch events at less than 12 ms response speed with palm rejection.

In addition, 3M exhibited a 55” prototype display designed for ultra-large interactive applications. The display is capable of tracking 40 simultaneous touch events and, like the C4667PW chassis display, has an easy to use tablet-like user interface. It was showcased vertically mounted to demonstrate its ability to capture and maintain the attention of target consumer audiences, both from a distance and close by for multi-user experiences. This feature can help improve messaging efficiency, especially in crowded public areas such as shopping centres, hotel lobbies and convention centres.

3M also demonstrated a fully-integrated, highly-scalable PCAP system solution designed for 15” to 32” multi-touch displays. The 3M Multi-Touch System PCT2000PX combines proprietary touch screen manufacturing technology with the 3M Multi-Touch Controller PX400 to overcome existing OEM design challenges in scaling PCT solutions beyond common mobile handheld device sizes (less than 11.6 inches).

Here are the details on the new products.