22Miles, Cisco Partner to Integrate Webex

22 miles
22Miles today announces its native content management system (CMS) integration with Webex by Cisco, targeting the UCC market. Now available on the Webex App Hub, this updated integration allows Webex users to unify content and functionality across digital signage, collaboration tools, room scheduling and other necessary resources to support the modern hybrid work environment.

The 22Miles CMS claims to support end-to-end user journeys with simple programming, enabling modern enterprises to streamline collaboration and efficiency. This integration represents a mutual commitment from 22Miles and Webex to enhance the modern work experience.

The 22Miles Webex integration enables digital signage content takeover on Cisco’s Board and Room Series devices. Users can distribute presentations, user how-to guides, and live and recorded videos to Cisco Devices, whether active or passive.

In addition, the 22Miles CMS now includes a Webex Recording Card template, enabling employees to add meeting recordings to an employee app instantly. This integration allows team members to seamlessly share Webex meeting recordings and presentation materials across devices, promoting transparency and communication throughout the enterprise.

The integration also allows customers to add interactive meeting reservation capabilities to any screen through Webex RoomOS. Employees can view and reserve available workspaces and make reservations via digital signage, room signage, Cisco Board and Room Series devices or personal desktop and mobile devices. Users can then send meeting invitations to colleagues with Webex video conferencing details that sync fully with Microsoft 365, Exchange, Google, EMS, the Webex Hybrid Calendar and other enterprise calendar systems. Hybrid meetings are reserved properly with just a few taps – ensuring that Cisco Room Kit features like One Button to Push (OBTP) meeting initiations are always enabled.

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To optimize space management, the 22Miles CMS can also collect environmental information from Cisco devices, including Cisco Room Kit’s density control data, and incorporate it into room signage displays, facility management dashboards and space reservation systems. This enables administrators to monitor space usage, occupancy, and sanitation needs from a central interface.

The new Webex integration also features the 22Miles Virtual Receptionist solution, offering flexibility, efficiency and safety for front-office personnel. The Virtual Receptionist solution uses Webex to capture a live video feed of individuals in an organization’s lobby. Via kiosk or digital sign, visitors can conference live with a receptionist, respond to interactive survey questions, and receive automated check-in instructions.