MUSIC Group Buys TC Group


MUSIC Group has today announced the acquisition of TC Group, one of the largest group of companies in the professional audio industry. Headquartered in Denmark, and with offices all over the world, TC Group owns and manages some of the most acclaimed brands such as Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, TC Electronics, TC Helicon and TC Applied Technologies.

The addition of Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake allows MUSIC Group to round out their professional install and touring sound offerings alongside Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, while TC Electronics and TC Helicon represent the industry’s leading brands in the guitar effects and voice processing sector, and perfectly complement MUSIC Group’s Bugera guitar tube amplifier brand and highly successful Behringer prosumer division.

TC Electronic has also long been established as a leader in broadcast, studio, mastering and production processing, where it gained ultimate authority in loudness control and mastering. For decades now, Tannoy’s HiFi products continue to win “Best in Class” Awards, and as a result the brand has developed a huge following of audio enthusiasts around the world.

TC Group’s strong focus on product innovation and IP creation is further demonstrated by their TC Applied Technologies company, which is invested in cutting-edge semiconductor designs, networking and interface technology.

MUSIC Group founder and CEO Uli Behringer commented, “MUSIC Group stands for relentless focus on innovation, business transformation and overall IP creation. Since the acquisition of Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, we have been continuously pursuing brands that complement the mixing console, processing and loudspeaker excellence offered by these historic brands. Throughout our search, TC Group has clearly stood out as the ideal match because of their world-class brands, impressive intellectual property, sterling reputation and first-class team of people. I am very proud to welcome the TC Group team into our family.”

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Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake will now join MUSIC Group’s prestigious Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound anchor brands to further strengthen MUSIC Group’s continued expansion into the professional A/V market. Aimed at delivering complete system solutions to Install and Touring customers, the combination of these brands represents an unprecedented range of choice for the most demanding of applications.

Uli Behringer continued, “We will invest heavily in positioning TC Group’s brands at the very pinnacle of the industry, as we have done with Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, where we have invested over $100 million in highly automated and integrated manufacturing facilities, quality control systems and engineering resources, including a new Center of Engineering Excellence in Manchester, UK.
TC Group will now equally have full access to MUSIC Group’s extensive resources and advanced automated system platforms in such areas as product development and lifecycle management, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and finance.”

TC Group’s CEO Anders Fauerskov responded, “We are very honored that during the acquisition process, some of the largest industry players were bidding for TC Group; however we have selected MUSIC Group as they represent the perfect fit in terms of strategic direction, overall synergies and company culture. Our team is thrilled to join MUSIC Group and open a new chapter for TC Group and its prestigious brands. With the incredibly talented people and massive resources of the MUSIC Group behind us, the team is excited to enter a new era of unprecedented innovation and growth.”

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  • Tyler Bryant

    As someone who is familiar with a range of Bugera amps, Behringer Soundsystems, and TC-Helion live-performance equipment, I am quite interested to see the implications of this acquisition.

    TC-Helion makes what I believe are hands down the highest quality, industry standard Harmonizer and Auto-Tune pedals for live performance. However, their brand is known as anything BUT cost effective for those of us with non-corporate budgets. The amazing, unparalleled vocal effects (which are computed to harmonize diatonically all voices to instruments, which are in turn all run through the system) are aspirational purchases for most bands and musicians without national followings or lucrative record deals.

    However, I am QUITE familiar with Behringer live sound systems. I can tell from experience that this brand IS known for being cost-effective (any of their P.A. packages will inevitably be cheaper to any similar-spec competitor). However, with being known as cost-effective comes the risk of being perceived as “cheap” by consumers, and the fact that many of their mixing board components are known to just burn out or frequently clip validates this preconception for many consumers. Behringer puts a lot of bells as whistles on their mixers with low price points to entice small-time musicians and DJs. I do personally feel that those augmentations only add so much legitimate value to the product if it isn’t of the highest quality.

    This acquisition is really interesting to me because the inevitable result, in my mind, is going to be PA systems with auto-tune and harmonizers. Interestingly, I really don’t know what to expect in terms of quality. On the one hand, TC-Helion makes extremely useful and valuable digital effects processors that I think no musician would dare to call “cheap.” On the other hand, Behringer seems to often under-deliver on the digital effects that come with their sound systems (a disappointment coming from the same company that apparently makes the sexy sounding Bugera amplifier brand). Hopefully, they companies can streamline their technologies effectively.

    • Sara Abrons

      Thanks so much for your comment, Tyler! It will take awhile for these companies to incorporate each other’s technology into their respective brands (or eliminate redundant brands, as the case may be), so it will take awhile to see how this plays out. Maybe sooner than later we’ll see lab.gruppen technology show up in some of the MUSIC Group’s other brands like Klark Technic though. Almost all of these guys will be at InfoComm though so you’ll have a chance to go talk to their engineers in person if you want, and give them your input as a customer.

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