As Demand for HDBaseT Grows, Education Becomes Priority


An HDBaseT-integrated mount solution from Peerless-AV and Wyrestorm.

We’ve all heard the jaw-dropping stats about HDBaseT and how consumers won’t be able to get their hands on it fast enough, with experts such as Futuresource Consulting expecting the demand to quadruple in 2016.

But our role in the AV industry is to educate consumers along the way on what their transition to HDBaseT really means and how it relates to their bigger and pixel-packed screens.

So as experts and educators, what are our talking points for HDBaseT?

  • Distance. HDBaseT provides fully integrated HD audio and video, Ethernet, bidirectional control, and power over a single Cat5 cable – up to an incredible 326 feet.
  • Reliability. Delivery of uncompressed HD video, audio, Internet and RS232 and IR control signals to multiple devices over a single Cat5e/6 cable.
  • Affordability. Reduction in costs for your infrastructure and installation.
  • Simplicity. One cable. Simple. The modern, sleek look that every business and consumer craves.

As our industry continues to move toward HDBaseT, compatibility becomes the next issue, especially among smaller companies that are using HDBaseT technology, but not calling it HDBaseT. Yet another reason our responsibility as educators is so important.

How do you educate consumers about the transition to HDBaseT? What are your talking points? Let me know in the comments below if I missed anything!

Earl Naegele

About Earl Naegele

As Managing Director of Professional Sales, Earl Naegele is responsible for directly overseeing the Pro AV Sales division, including managing relationships with Peerless-AV’s largest Pro AV customers, collaborating on Business Development strategies, and creating vertical market programs. He has extensive award-winning experience in the audio-visual industry and is one of the five original founders of AVAD. Naegele brings a unique background to his position at Peerless-AV, having worked in every role across the AV supply chain, from retail/wholesale sales to principal distributor to strategy consultant. Previous to Peerless-AV, Naegele served as the National Sales Manager at Skywalker Communications, where he managed a sales team and created purchasing programs for domestic suppliers. Naegele has a BA from Oklahoma State University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.

  • Brian McClimans

    Great read! After reading this, I’m more curious to learn about the compatibility issues that HDBaseT will see.

  • Todd Mares

    I agree with you 100%. All integrators should take some time to find out more
    about HDBaseT since it’s going to be here sooner than you think.

  • Leonard Suskin

    This isn’t something about which I spend time educating end-users. I find that most times it doesn’t matter to the client; they need to know what content they can share to what display, but it doesn’t make much difference to them how that content gets there. To an architect or MEP designer I’d just say that I need a single Cat5 for audio, video, and control. That’s usually enough there.

    So far as integrators are concerned, it’s mainstream enough at this point that I don’t want any integrator who doesn’t know what HDBaseT is anywhere near one of my projects.

  • Hal Truax

    I’m definitely interested in seeing how HDBaseT will be implemented in the outdoor display space.

  • Nick Belcore

    These are excellent talking points! I will be giving these to my team for future use.

  • Lee Distad

    Great summary, Mike.