Zytronic Partners with SpinTouch to Launch Mozayo Touch Table

zytronic-spintouch-0515Zytronic has partnered with SpinTouch International and Rok Interactive bring to market the Mozayo, a multi-touch table that has the best ergonomic design on a touch table we’ve ever seen here at rAVe.

Available in four different finishes and designs, the Mozayo supports up to 40 simultaneous touch points on a high-definition 46 inch multi-touch display driven by an embedded high performance Windows 8.1 PC. The touch table is built to be rugged and reliable in order to withstand the most demanding indoor environments. The glass edge-to-edge, zero bezel design repels water and minimizes glare from overhead lighting.

Interactive software and hardware developer, SpinTouch, in looking for touch screen technology, sought to utilise Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) for its superior performance over other technologies examined. Zytronic’s multi-touch sensors combine unrivaled durability and fast, accurate touch performance with crisp, sleek aesthetics. The Mozayo makes use of Zytronic’s ZXY200 multi-touch controller in conjunction with a 46-inch PCT touch sensor underneath 8-millimeter thermally toughened glass.

The Mozayo can be used with a downloadable custom software package from SpinTouch, ‘My Showcase’ and ‘Dream Touch’ programs offering enhanced presentation and animation features, ideal for promotional or retail applications.

Careful consideration was paid, in designing the Mozayo table, to ensure that this interactive product offered the highest standards of accessibility and functionality. For this reason, it is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and designed from the outset to be wheelchair friendly.

Here are all the details.

And here’s a video of Mozayo we shot at DSE: