Webinar | A Discussion of the Now & Future of BYOD and Wireless Collaboration

It all started with Barco’s ClickShare, the market leader in BYOD and wireless collaboration, back in 2012. But, now Crestron, AMX, Extron, Vivitek, Lumens, Kramer and even a tiny company called AirTame all have wireless sharing and BYOD devices aimed at small meeting room and huddle spaces.

So, where are we now? Who has what and whose does what? And, where is this market heading? Will we eventually see BYOD and collaboration in every classroom, corporate meeting room, auditorium and government install? Or has this market segment peaked?

Gary Kayye has made a lot of future-forward predictions about the commercial AV market — and nearly all of them have come true. He’s going to use our October webinar to predict the future of collaboration, BYOD and whether the wireless world will still be around in this future-looking AV-over-IP destination we’re quickly driving towards. And, best of all, he’ll “show you da money” in the future of it all! So, join Gary for this insightful (and profitable, for you) webinar where he’ll explore ALL of the wireless collaboration tools and who’s likely to dominate the landscape.

View the webinar recording here.