Videotel Releases New VP70 XD Digital Signage Media Player

php2kc0g9PMSan Diego, CA- Videotel Inc., Award winning manufacture, recently introduced its newest industrial digital signage media player, the VP70 XD.  The signage player can be used in any application that requires reliable digital signage.  Designed to provide years of quality running 24/7/365 without failure.

Videotel’s VP70XD industrial-grade digital media player simplifies auto-looping of mixed content media. Effortlessly mix audio, video, picture, and image files to create an engaging user experience, regardless of the industry. With hundreds of industrial applications, the VP70XD transforms audience engagement in cinemas, shopping centers, trade shows, or conference rooms. Wherever high traffic, dense customer populations congregate, the VP70XD engages audience with hd media content.

Regardless of the application, the VP70XD provides best-in-class digital signage combined with true plug-and-play usability. The VP70 XD seamless capability to auto-loop mixed file types while incorporating audio files as background sound eliminates the need for an audio extractor. Content can be loaded directly from USB or SD cards, making it easy to quickly change out custom presentations with little downtime or technical expertise.

The VP70XD differentiates client’s applications from the pack with true solid state digital imagery. With over ten language options, VP70XD gives industrial customers the ability to attract and engage any audience combination. Designed to auto-loop audio, video, photograph, and image files, the VP70XD makes digital signage easy and cost effective. The industrial-grade design eliminates worry in high traffic areas. Whether in a factory, warehouse, hospital, or storefront, the VP70XD effortlessly engages customers 24/7. With nearly 20 slide and photo transition options, VP70XD generates and maintains customer interest. VP70XD is the perfect solution to educate, inform, entertain, and compel customers. Videotel’s award-winning history of innovative design and functionality is most evident in this latest digital signage solution.

For more information on the new plug-and-play VP70XD or any other high quality industrial digital media players or interactive technology, visit the Videotel Inc. website at or call us at (800) 878-4056.