Triple E Recreational Vehicles Chooses Videotel’s VP70 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player for One of America’s Largest RV Shows

phpY4MJ3VPMSan Diego, CA – Celebrating 50 years on the road, Triple E Recreational Vehicles is the leading supplier of leisure travel vans and other quality vehicles. Their innovative designs, unmatched craftsmanship, and committed customer service, propel them to the top of the industry. The Canadian company offers products that are sleek, durable, and technologically sophisticated, and their superior reputation stretches well into all corners of the United States. When Triple E traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for the annual RV show, they selected the most reliable digital signage with Videotel’s VP70 Industrial Media Player.

Videotel’s VP70 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player provides an engaging digital signage solution for displaying video, audio, photos, and images of product or services. The industrial grade digital media player seamlessly loops files for a smooth, clear, visually appealing viewing experience for your audience. Whether showcasing educational or advertising information, the VP70 is easy to use with its USB or SD reader.

Users select from a convenient number of settings, and their video and audio will play continuously without manual interaction. Out of the box solution with HDMI resolution, multiple transition options, multi-function remote control, six-feet HDMI and video cables, and a USB card.

Having carefully selected a digital signage solution, Triple E representatives noted, “We were impressed with the simplicity of the VP70 Industrial Digital Signage Media Player from Videotel, as it enabled us to digitally send out updates over e-mail to be loaded onto the USB key provided with plug and play ability.” Our innovative technology assured Triple E a dependable, quality presentation even when they were far from headquarters. “It wasn’t just a looping media device, it was a great and simple solution to play our video content at our Dealer Shows.” The leading RV manufacturer trusts Videotel’s VP70 model so much that they make sure to bring it along for the massive Kentucky convention.

For exceptional picture quality with 24/7 seamless and reliable auto repeat digital signage media players and interactive technology, Videotel is a number one source.