Tiny Plug-n-Play Pico Projector Offered for iPhone

Aiptek_MobileCinema_i20-0312Under the company’s sub-brand MobileCinema, Aiptek’s i20 is the smallest plug-n-play pico projector for an iPhone. With its tiny size, the MobileCinema i20 is a two-in-one gadget that projects the phone contents — and charges the phone.

Plug it in an iPhone with the 30-pin connector, and it will provide nearly two hours projection up to 50” display by 1.6 meters in a relatively dim environment. The projection resolution can reach 1080p. Despite many restrictions upon iPhone’s 30-pin connection during projection, the MobileCinema i20 allows iPhone users to do the typical Apple pinch and slide control functions on their iPhones as they normally do. It even turns an iPhone into a visualizer that shows what the iPhone camera sees onto a wall real time.

Besides i20, the company also has the MobileCinema i50S, an iPhone 4/4S sleeve pico projector. Just slide your iPhone 4/4S into i50S and your iPhone 4/4S seamlessly becomes projector-enabled, offering a 50-lumen DLP optic light engine.

Get more info here: http://www.aiptek.com/