The Floating Point — Episode 7: Our Favorite Baldwin

The Floating Point —
It’s episode seven of the Floating Point and co-host Chris Tatton (@Chris_Tatton) has gone MIA. Maybe even AWOL. We’re not sure. Billy Silar (@SillyBilar) joins host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) to follow up on his past year spent learning how to be a Crestron programmer.

Billy jumped in with both feet and it sounds like he’s thriving. Learn what helped him, what he’s learned, and where he’s going from here. Hope is duly impressed, and offers up what little advice she has. Pro-tip: if you find yourself doing something all the time, you should probably write a module for it. Also, shout-out to Ms. Clapham for making me do all of those logic puzzles back in 4th grade.

For our fun question, we talk about “other duties as necessary.” Spoiler alert: there is a hot pink elf costume involved.