techXchange Episode 5: A Look Into AI and the Writing Machine

techxchange_logocenter_360Welcome to the fifth episode of techXchange, a podcast show about technology, news, trends and more. It’s not just AV or IT, it’s techX covering numerous technologies, discussions – and exchanges with a measure of opinion inserted as well.

Join host Jane Johnson and regulars Corey Moss (AV Power Up), Johnny Mota (AV Power Up and the AV Insider) and Christa Bender (AV Power Up) as they discuss news and trends covering: an unmanned aerial vehicle crash at the U.S. Tennis Open, a home cinema device and a $500 movie rental, and remote robotic surgery.

phpISDHgDAMOur guest for this show is Scott Stollwerk, director of sales at Automated Insights (Ai). We talk with Scott about artificial intelligence and machine writing, structuring data to tell a story (or as Ai says “Let your data tell its story”), adding tone to a machine-written story, application in the business world (i.e. marketing) and more.

We hope you enjoy this episode of techXchange and if you have any comments, please post them below.

Reference for this podcast’s news and trends:

NYC Teacher Who Crashed a Drone at the US Open Last Night Has Been Arrested

I Watched the New Mission Impossible at Home for $500

Remote robotic surgery is both practical and safe

The blog which became the basis for this episode:

AI, Big Data and the Writing “Machine”

(Note: Here is a link to a CBS This Morning story with an appearance by Ai CEO Robbie Allen)