Tech Chaos Episode 10: Double Digits or Binary Episode 2

techchaos750x400Hope Roth (@beerandpie), Crestron Certified Programmer with Riordan Brothers Integration, joins host Christa Bender (@AVChrista) to discuss volunteering and the upcoming InfoComm show in Las Vegas, NV.

Hope and Christa are joint recipients for the Harald Thiel Volunteers of the Year award. Both women understand the importance of volunteering and agree that you should not wait to be asked to volunteer, that you need to step forward and express interest in volunteering.

Hope declares that Christa is her, “AV Yin to AV Yang” and the women get so schmoopy that the audio goes into robot mode from the sweetness.

Christa makes an announcement that if you get an #AVSelfie with her and Hope together in the photo, you’ll be entered into a contest to receive a secret special prize.

All of these topics and more can be heard on this episode of Tech Chaos.