Church AV Trends: Unusual Aspect Ratio Video Walls


As multi-site churches expand their reach with additional locations into retail areas and school buildings to accommodate a larger attendance at these remote ‘satellite’ campuses, the needs for AVL shift away from so-called ‘big box’ venues with high ceilings and ample room to venues with lower ceilings and limited sightlines. The opportunity for audiovisual (AV) […]

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EPSON Intros New WideScreen ProAV Projector Line


Epson today introduced two new EX Pro series projectors with built-in wireless projection and integrated with the new Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connector. The new EX7235 Pro (list for $649) and EX7230 Pro (list for $599) are meeting rooms projectors that both have 3,000 lumens of color light output and 3,000 lumens of white light […]

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