Ask Dr. Ann: How Do I Get Into the Resimercial Market?

December 19, 2022

For a residential integrator looking to get into the “resimercial” (and therefore home office) segment of the market, what are some steps you’d recommend? After experiencing a global pandemic, we have all realized that remote work productivity has often outpaced in-office work; many workers experienced significant value in working from home. Working from home is […]

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Why CEDIA Expo, a Home Tech Show, Added UCC to Its 2022 Event

September 6, 2022

I have been attending CEDIA Expo since 1991; I think it was the first-ever CEDIA show, in fact. It was in Dallas, Texas, and (if my memory serves me right) it was in the Dallas Market Center. It’s always been one of my favorite trade shows. It’s like the state fair of trade shows — […]

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CEDIA Expo Welcomes Back IMCCA as Strategic Programming Partner for September Expo

April 4, 2022

CEDIA Expo will welcome back IMCCA (Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance), the preeminent voice of the unified communications and collaboration industry, as a strategic programming partner for the Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, 2022, CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas. The IMCCA will bring insights and subject matter experts to various CEDIA Expo 2022 activations, […]

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A Case for Over-ear Headphones

January 27, 2022

Have you ever seen one of those charts that shows Apple AirPods revenue as measured against other tech companies? If not, I’ve included one here: It’s amazing that AirPods do more revenue as a single product than companies like Adobe, Nvidia, AMD and Spotify do in their total revenues. Expand that figure out to all […]

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Is Remote Work Working? 7 Insights Into the Future of Remote Work

January 25, 2022

By Mike Yeomans BlueJeans While most of us have been finding ways to adjust to working outside of the office, researchers have been busy studying it. Many are wondering, what is the future of remote working? What researchers have learned through studying trends and reactions about remote work may surprise you. Read on for some […]

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Gaming Accessories Market Growth Aided by a Growing End-User Group: At-Home Workers

January 20, 2022

By Maxym Dmytriyev Futuresource Consulting According to Futuresource Consulting’s latest Gaming Headset Market H2 2021 report, the overall gaming accessories market is expected to grow 10% year-on-year in 2021, despite a deceleration in volume and value growth compared to 2020. Onset by the continuous efforts in combating COVID-19’s spread, work-from-home trends have supported market growth, […]

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Are You Offering Work Havens?

December 2, 2021

There’s a ton of chatter about Work from Home (WFH), Work From Anywhere (WFA) and Hybrid/Remote work environments these days. The emphasis on remote work is not misplaced, and companies are grappling with their go-forward strategies in these areas. Many integrators put together little guides for WFH products that include better webcams, microphones and ring […]

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Looking Back To Go Forward — We Had the Keys All Along

November 9, 2021

At the start of January 2020, working from home was a carefully guarded privilege. Some professions — and some job categories — had the chance to stay home and do work on their computers. Some people (mothers in particular) changed their lives to have the ability to work from home. Some employers embraced the idea. […]

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