CEDIA Expo Welcomes Back IMCCA as Strategic Programming Partner for September Expo

CEDIA Expo Welcomes Back IMCCACEDIA Expo will welcome back IMCCA (Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance), the preeminent voice of the unified communications and collaboration industry, as a strategic programming partner for the Sept. 29 through Oct. 1, 2022, CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas. The IMCCA will bring insights and subject matter experts to various CEDIA Expo 2022 activations, including on the CEDIA Expo Smart Stage and Innovation Hub.

Topics at the show will be centered on “resimercial” technology needs and opportunities, specifically addressing the following key areas: home office Work from Home (WFH); light commercial or “Main Street” spaces like house of worship, independent retail, doctor and dentist offices, spas and coffee shops; and multi-family/condominium and continuous care retirement communities. Additionally, IMCCA will host technology demonstrations of home office communications solutions on the show floor.

“Unified communications and collaboration technologies have found their way into homes as both professionals and students have established home offices and flexible workspaces” said Jason McGraw, group vice president and CEDIA Expo show director at Emerald. “The need to connect online and communicate with colleagues, peers and instructors in a high-quality manner at home has been clearly demonstrated. Such applications are increasing the demand for professional-grade networking, cameras, lighting fixtures, lighting control, motorized shades, microphones, sound control solutions, multiple displays, signal processing, control systems, collaboration software and hardware and home office workstation furnishings among other products and services.”

As a supporting association partner of CEDIA Expo 2022, IMCCA will assist CEDIA Expo with the development, organization and moderation of content session discussions on unified communications (UC) and Work-from-Home (WFH) topics including:

  • State of the industry and best practices for the design, installation and use of audio, video and lighting solutions for home office applications
  • “Home Office Demo” featuring best-practice setups to achieve ideal professional home offices
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“Residential systems integrators, designers, distributors, architects, home builders and contractors are ramping up their knowledge and services in light of new hybrid working reality, incorporating WFH and commercial solutions into home offices to meet the market’s continued demands for connecting homes to businesses and schools for effective collaboration,” said Carol Zelkin, executive director of the IMCCA. “We are proud to help bring this knowledge base to residential integrators, and to help bring established UC professionals to this now critical event for the future of home offices and workstations.”