All-Woman AV Manufacturer’s Representation Agency, Total 2.0, Launches

June 1, 2023

TOTAL 2.0, an all-woman AV manufacturer’s representation agency founded by Dee Dee DeVoe, launches today across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Built on the legacy of Ron and Pam DeVoe’s TOTAL MARKETING rep agency, TOTAL 2.0 brings a “fresh perspective to the AV industry by following the three pillars of people, products and profit.” TOTAL […]

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 999: A Talk with ProAV Industry Legend Ron DeVoe

August 10, 2020

ProAV industry icon Ron DeVoe, founder of Texas-based TOTAL Marketing, joined Gary on his videocast Thursday. TOTAL Marketing is universally respected as one of the industry’s top three manufacturer’s rep firms. Ron entered the AV market in the mid-1970s and has weathered all sorts of AV storms. His insights, attitude and historical perspective are invaluable in a […]

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RAKs for 2017

January 5, 2017

By Ron DeVoe Total Marketing, LLC We are now embarking on a New Year as we leave behind 2016. I am reminded daily of my time on this earth and how it has exceeded the mid-range of my sixth decade. Yesterday, I was again reminded as my phone rang and I was assailed by the […]

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A Review of the Wainhouse UC&C Summit

August 2, 2013

By Darcy Harrell CEO, Total Marketing The palatable excitement from June’s InfoComm is slowly starting to wane. The thrill of new technology and product introductions, as well as the entrance of new market players, has been replaced as the doldrums of the everyday demo, quote, close rhythm takes over. In North Texas, it’s hot… and […]

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A Personal Note to Total Marketing’s CEO, Ron DeVoe, Upon His Retirement

January 12, 2010

By Gary Kayye, CTS First things, first: Thanks, Ron!  Thanks for all the ways you supported me and your dealers!!! In the ProAV market, I am perceived as a manufacturer’s rep-hater.  Interestingly enough, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I am, in fact, a manufacturer’s rep supporter – at least of the good ones! […]

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