All-Woman AV Manufacturer’s Representation Agency, Total 2.0, Launches

dee dee devoe

TOTAL 2.0, an all-woman AV manufacturer’s representation agency founded by Dee Dee DeVoe, launches today across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Built on the legacy of Ron and Pam DeVoe’s TOTAL MARKETING rep agency, TOTAL 2.0 brings a “fresh perspective to the AV industry by following the three pillars of people, products and profit.” TOTAL 2.0 offers a curated portfolio of solutions that leverage the latest in AV technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of integrators and their customers.

“I am incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of TOTAL 2.0,” said founder and CEO, Dee Dee DeVoe. “Driven by passion and an unwavering vision, TOTAL 2.0 represents a lifelong dream realized. This is a defining moment for me, and I am fully committed to the success of this venture. I can’t wait to dive in and start working with clients, build strong relationships, and make TOTAL 2.0 the go-to agency for AV representation in the TOLA region.”

“I could not be more excited and prouder seeing my daughter Dee Dee launch TOTAL 2.0,” said retired founder and CEO of Total Marketing Rep Agency, Ron DeVoe. “Dee Dee’s engaging personality, passion and knowledge of the industry will ensure her success.”

For more information, please contact Dee Dee DeVoe at or by phone at (817) 559-0944.