Why I Made My Kids Play Sports

November 15, 2023

By Todd Heberlein Exertis Almo When my friends and I were kids, there really wasn’t a question of IF you were going to play sports, but rather which sports your parents would allow you to play. Every kid in my neighborhood was involved in some sort of team sport, ranging from baseball to volleyball. As […]

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Going Above and Beyond

August 16, 2023

I’ve talked before about how frequently I receive queries from end users. It’s because when people Google one of the brands we distribute our website comes up, and my name, phone number and email are right there. I don’t sell to end users. I have dealers for that. But I always take the time to […]

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It’s All About Your People

September 24, 2021

Last week, I was fortunate to go on my first overnight work trip in 18 months. Also — and these two things are related — that trip was the farthest I’ve been from home in almost two years. One of my biggest dealers held their first Customer Appreciation Day in over two years, and I […]

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Separate But Together: How COVID-19 Taught Me to Set My Team Up for Success

August 9, 2021

Like G-force when a roller coaster takes off, the COVID-19 lockdown shoved me deep into my own seat. Forces greater than myself took away the freedoms I was used to. Possibilities were restricted. But work still had to happen. I had to find new ways to reach out of my space to work with others. […]

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Where the Magic Happens: Engagement and Goodwill

June 17, 2021

Working As a Team It’s down to the wire. It’s going to take all hands on deck to save this install. We have to get it done — too much is on the line. Twelve hours of work today? Could be more. This one is going to take as long as it takes. Every integrator […]

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Extron TeamWork Adds 4K Configurations

January 31, 2019

Extron just announced more 4K versions of its TeamWork collaboration system. All HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort Show Me cables and retractors now support 4K signals. When used in conjunction with any of the many TeamWork 4K-capable switchers, TeamWork offers support for the 4K sources and displays found in modern AV environments. To create a […]

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You’re Not Good at Everything — Three Keys to Collaborative Success

September 17, 2018

Collaboration is so far past being a buzzword that it’s almost become kitschy. Nearly every booth at this past summer’s InfoComm show figured out a way to entwine the word collaboration in their messaging somewhere. But collaboration is truly important. It’s at the core of how the workplace is changing to accommodate modern work styles. […]

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Mind Reading

June 19, 2018

Whether by selection or default, if you find yourself in the role of “leader” of your HOW AV team, you need to carefully consider both the methods you use to communicate with your team and the message(s) you are sending — spoken and subliminal. One of the most consistent problems we encounter with HOW AV […]

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Client Management Is Just the Beginning 

July 13, 2017

At a typical AV company, the sales designers and sometimes the project managers are the front office people that the clients know and work with. They’re the ones that the clients ask for when they call, the ones they look to answer their questions, solve their problems and reassure them that everything is going according to […]

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Collaboration Overload in the Business World? Some Perspectives For the AV Industry

February 19, 2016

Collaboration. Every day we hear about new ways to work as a team, new technology products that help to do it, devices introduced into the mix and much more. However may we be overlooking something important when discussing it in general conversation – that being the human element? I would like to begin by giving credit […]

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Forget the Naysayers

December 10, 2015

I’ve recently taken up distance running. Well, distance running to me is completing a 5K without walking and I am actually getting pretty good at it. However if you ask me if I like running I will reply, “I hate it.” When I was in high school I ran track; I was a sprinter. I […]

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Extron Adds DisplayPort to TeamWork Systems

January 29, 2014

Extron has two new DisplayPort SM “Show Me” Cables for the company’s popular TeamWork Collaboration System. The cables, available with full-size or mini DisplayPort input connectors, actively convert DisplayPort signals to HDMI for use with TeamWork-compatible digital switchers. The cables meet Section 508 accessibility standards and are certified for use with Extron Cable Cubby enclosures. […]

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Extron Introduces New TeamWork Collaboration System for Digital and Analog Sources

November 18, 2013

Extron’s new TeamWork 601 supports up to four digital laptops or tablets, and two legacy analog computer-video and audio sources. Analog signals are digitized so that they can be switched to the display, along with native HDMI signals, on a single HDMI cable. TeamWork 601 works with most flat panel displays, laptops and tablets. It […]

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Extron Ships TeamWork

April 29, 2013

Extron’s new TeamWork 400 Digital Collaboration System and the TeamWork VGA Kit is now shipping. The TeamWork 400 package supports groups of four users and is pre-configured for ease of installation with virtually any furniture system, new or currently in use. The simple and intuitive collaboration system also works with most flat panel displays, laptops, […]

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