The Movie Theater Is Now Dead, Plus a Prediction: Apple Will Buy Sony


As much as I hated writing that headline, it’s true. And, despite years of warnings that the future of the cineplex was nothing but apocalyptic, Hollywood wasn’t prepared. Let’s back-up. Back in the late ’90s, companies started building DVD servers for home theaters. The idea was that a homeowner could buy a cache of DVDs […]

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Boeckeler Instruments Annotation Switcher Adds Streaming to iPad


Boeckeler Instruments’ latest upgrades to the Pointmaker CPN-6000 includes there ability for live streaming on the annotation system allow it to perform as what they refer to as “the heart of an AV system.” The HDCP-compliant CPN-6000 scaler receives up to nine video inputs in composite, Y/C, VGA and HDMI formats, and scales them to […]

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Crestron Adds Audio Streaming Box


Crestron’s new Network Stream Player (CEN-NSP-1) provides both wired and wireless options for streaming music from an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a Crestron audio distribution system. It also gives listeners the freedom to enjoy SiriusXM Internet radio without a web-enabled device. Listeners can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream music from their Apple device to […]

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