Gig Gear Debuts New Health & Safety Training Initiative for AV Techs


Gig Gear LLC, the accessories company for AV techs, roadies and live event production professionals, has launched a new personal health and safety training initiative “Safe and Sound.” As the manufacturer of Gig Gloves, work gloves designed to protect the hands of AV techs and live event pros, the company saw the need to create […]

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There are, within our space-time continuum, some immutable constants. For example, we can be assured that the earth will revolve on its axis every 24 or so hours and produce a sunrise and a sunset. In the sound system world, the number of absolutes is far more constrained by reality but there is one that, […]

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AVL Safety Needed in Churches


Audio. Video. Lighting. Budgets. Safety? When churches think about audio, video and lighting (AVL) technology, safety isn’t on the radar for the vast majority of pastors. However, with the exponential increase in the use of flown speaker arrays, screens, and lighting fixtures, keeping the technical staff and congregants who sit below these devices safe needs to […]

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InfoComm: Progress in Live Event Safety


This column was reprinted with permission from InfoComm International and originally appeared here. By Dan Daley Recent years have seen a rise in the number and severity of life-safety disasters at live events, particularly in the concert-touring sector. In 2011 alone, the industry had to contend with storm-related disasters at the Indianapolis State Fair, where seven concert-goers […]

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