Gig Gear Debuts New Health & Safety Training Initiative for AV Techs

Gig Gear LLC, the accessories company for AV techs, roadies and live event production professionals, has launched a new personal health and safety training initiative “Safe and Sound.”

As the manufacturer of Gig Gloves, work gloves designed to protect the hands of AV techs and live event pros, the company saw the need to create an initiative that brings personal health, safety and wellness to the forefront of the AV industry, as well as all production industries.

While there are many programs and trainings regarding the use of specific equipment or certain processes in production environments, Gig Gear noticed the large lack of information and discussion on how to best take care of a staff’s overall health on a daily basis when working in live event production. Safe and Sound aims to address this gap by providing content in the form of articles, videos and in-person workshops all aimed at informing and educating professionals on how to best stay safe and healthy while focusing on the various activities and workload one typically encounters.

Safe and Sound will partner with experts in various fields to make sure the content and information presented is always fresh and up-to-date. Free wellness content, articles and videos will be available here.

Gig Gear will also offer in-person Safe and Sound workshops that will feature experts who will speak directly to staff with targeted lessons and tips on how to stay healthy and safe in their specific work environment. These workshops will provide dual benefit: to help educate staff on how to continue doing what they love for longer as well as providing companies with an opportunity to re-instill their care for their employees’ well-being and create a healthier workforce that is consequently more efficient.

The in-person workshops can be found here.