The Three Times Churches Buy Audio, Video and Lighting


There are three main reasons churches upgrade or outright add new equipment: when entering a new building program, when renovating an existing building or when expanding into new technology areas such as multi-site or online services. Given the history most churches had with learning their technology lessons on audio systems (the first systems they use), […]

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Tannoy Claims New Retrofit Adapter Kit Cuts Installation Time and Costs


TANNOY has introduced new CMS & CVS Retrofit Adapter Kits to speed up installation of TANNOY ceiling loudspeakers inside existing back-cans from third party manufacturers or, in other scenarios, utilizing existing ceiling cutouts that were sized for other loudspeakers. By using the Retrofit Kits, installation contractors can change to TANNOY while minimizing additional installation time […]

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Motion Sensors for Interior Lighting Control Beat Schedules Every Time


A customer with a large aquatic center asked us to look into a better way to manage lighting, and offer a solution for reducing damage from rambunctious children to the existing low voltage light switches. The building already had an existing high end Crestron Lighting Control System, but in this case it was not being […]

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Clare Controls Introduces ClareVue Lighting


Taking aim at Lutron, who’s lagging behind in network-based wireless systems, Clare Controls will unveil its ClareVue lighting line this week at CEDIA. ClareVue is a wireless lighting system using Z-Wave certified lighting components – dimmers, switches, keypads, and receptacles. All of it is network and cloud-based using Clare’s ClareHome automation system. ClareVue lighting is […]

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Is Your Business Breaking into the Retrofit Market?


The retrofit market is expanding exponentially; new technologies are making it easier than ever to utilize the existing home infrastructure. Add in the current economic climate and it is easy to see why the retrofit market is gaining popularity among homeowners and ESCs alike. Many professionals in the electronic systems industry are adding retrofit services. […]

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