rAVe Europe Editor Bob Snyder Delivers InfoComm MEA Seminar: I Will Survive IT in 2015


As part of the InfoComm University Seminars, rAVe Europe’s Bob Snyder will present the seminar “I Will Survive IT in 2015.” How will the AV/IT systems integration world look in 2015? If you think the commercial road ahead will be straight, it won’t be. Technology shifts are now carving out the big curves ahead. You […]

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Different Shades of Green


By Bob Snyder Editor, rAVe Europe It’s time to expose Green for what it is. Like in real life, “green” comes in many shades. You’ve probably noticed these days how your hotel plays a Green card to trump its guests. A placard placed strategically in your hotel bathroom might read: “We join the hotels of the world that want to […]

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Visit rAVe Europe at ISE


Since ISE 2010 opened, you can find rAVe EUROPE in Hall 10 N113. In cooperation with Darim Technology, the European editors will be using a video-in-a-video system to bring you the flavor and news from the ISE show floor. Judging from pre-show releases, this year will be a year of Real Innovations at ISE. The […]

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CES European Buyer’s Lounge

rAVe Europe (and its sister publication Multimedia I.T.) will be the exclusive host of the 2007 European Buyer’s Lounge @ CES.  A function organized by CES, the Buyer’s Lounge is open on Tuesday, January 9th in the Hilton Ballroom E from 5.00 – 7.00pm. The editors of rAVe Europe will be on hand to greet European buyers and to facilitate […]

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