Crestron Intros New Motorized Shades


Crestron is demonstrating at CEDIA Expo the new Digital QMT 3 Series shade motor (CSM-QMTDC-163-1), which expands its industry-first line of brushless motors with solid-state controls. The new motor features a smaller diameter than the 5 Series (CSM-QMTDC-256-2), enabling placement in narrower window jambs and shallower pockets. Crestron says it delivers tremendous torque with virtually […]

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Crestron Intros New Power Supply for Motorized Shades


Crestron announced this week the launch of its new “intelligent power supply” (CSA-PWS10S-HUB), which can power up to ten Crestron shade motors of any kind, each with its own replaceable fuse. The built-in integrated five-segment Cresnet hub provides an isolated control network for each pair of shades, therefore limiting the impact of any wiring faults. […]

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Crestron Shows New Quiet Shade Controller


At CEDIA this week Crestron is lowering the volume on its shade motors with a new Digital QMT (Quiet Motor Technology) motor and a power supply (CSA-PWS10S-HUB-CAEN) that supports up to ten motorized shades and provides integrated diagnostics and controls. The Digital QMT motor can operate Crestron window shades of any size and the company […]

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