Séura Introduces +Color Capability for Lighted Mirrors


Séura is introducing a revolutionary capability that allows designers the opportunity to add colors to lighted mirrors. The new offering, named +Color, was created to provide an opportunity for designers to use lighted mirrors as a fully-integrated artistic element of their customers’ color palette and brand identity. Séura’s +Color process couples Séura’s Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching with the […]

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ClearView Ships Hidden Reflections Mirror-TV


ClearView is shipping its Hidden Reflections LCD HDTV. Designed with a depth of only 1” and for mirrors from 7” to 80”, the Hidden Reflections line includes a rear-mounted 17” HDTV. Hidden Reflections TV mirrors can be modified for any specific design application with a variety of sizes and shapes, including edge options such as […]

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Séura Intros New GEO Collection of Lighted Mirrors for HDTVs


Known for its HDTVs embedded behind mirrors, Séura’s introduction of the Séura Design Series, a family of etched designs called the Geo Collection, is way more than the typical mirror with a TV inside. In the Geo Design Collection, the first in the Design Series, Séura uses geometric shapes and patterns that accentuate the elegance […]

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