Séura Intros New GEO Collection of Lighted Mirrors for HDTVs

seura-design-1114Known for its HDTVs embedded behind mirrors, Séura’s introduction of the Séura Design Series, a family of etched designs called the Geo Collection, is way more than the typical mirror with a TV inside.

In the Geo Design Collection, the first in the Design Series, Séura uses geometric shapes and patterns that accentuate the elegance of Séura lighted mirrors. The Topaz, Agate and Quartz are among the ten designs in the collection. The etching patterns from the Geo Design Collection are available in conjunction with standard and custom mirror shapes and sizes, bevel choices, lighting technologies, TV sizes and locations and astonishing frames.

All Séura lighted mirror designs are etched only on the back of the glass using what they call a Clean-Last Etching process. Seura says this helps keep the glass free of debris and allows for easier cleaning. Etching on the front of the glass is more open to collecting contaminants, scuffing, and visible fingerprints that are difficult to clean and make the mirror appear dingy over time. Additionally, Séura uses a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching method to guarantee etching perfectly matches the intended design every time.

A TV can go behind any of the designs.

Here are the details.