Whether Freelancer, Integrator or Multinational: What Story Are You Telling?

November 24, 2015

Coming from an Irish family, there is one pastime that we enjoy probably more than any other. And as the holidays approach, I know we will be doing this activity extensively over the next couple of months. No, no, I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not knocking back a cold pint or a slug […]

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Internet of Things — 2015 and It’s All Happening…

May 29, 2015

If you ever loved the movie Almost Famous, you will certainly remember when the lovely Penny Lane (beautiful, young Kate Hudson) gets that gleam in her eye and proclaims, “It’s all happening.” Well, I must say, I am feeling that same sense of glee and excitement watching as the retail world becomes a tangible product […]

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Audiovisual Technology for the Masses: Economic Sustainability

October 1, 2014

Several years ago, I had the great pleasure of hearing Paul Polak speak at the Sustainable Brands conference. If you aren’t familiar with Paul’s work, he is the author of Out of Poverty, and co-founder of D-Rev.org, the non-profit product development company that designs and delivers products to the billions of people living on less […]

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Women in AV: The Three – Part 2: Midori Connolly, AVGirl Productions

September 29, 2014

This blog and interview were written and conducted by Kelly Perkins. Check her out on Twitter at @AVI_Kelly. Midori Connolly is the principal at AVGirl Productions and former co-owner of an audiovisual company. She is best known for producing the first set of best practices for Sustainable AV Staging. Midori provides support to meetings and […]

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Future Tech, Pro AV and Sustainability: Internet of Things

July 31, 2014

As promised last month, I am continuing the exploration of futuristic technologies that may have a major impact on the audiovisual industry. This month, I want to continue the conversation on the Internet of Things. One year ago this month, I wrote about the coming age of the Internet of Things (also commonly called the […]

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Future Tech, Pro AV and Sustainability: 3D Printing

June 23, 2014

Hear this: We are moving into an era where technology assumes a seamless place in our daily life, both professionally and personally. My washing machine talks to me via my phone. My cat can be located on my GPS. It is a time of wonderment and exploration as our lives increasingly resemble those of the […]

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Praying for Green…Yes, Praying

April 30, 2014

You know something I never really considered before? I never really stopped to consider the potential benefit both to and from places of worship if they were to implement greener practices. I’m sure some of you who service this market segment are shaking your heads at the no-brainer, but I’ve just recently stopped to think […]

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The Role of Green AV in Talent Acquisition and Retention

March 31, 2014

Whether it be integrated AV, live event AV or any other arm of the pro AV market, one of the most oft-heard lamentations revolves around the difficulties in attracting and retaining talent. In February, InfoComm hosted its annual Live! event, bringing together a hundred or so of the industry’s leaders in live event production and […]

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Mindfulness and Sustainability

February 27, 2014

Today, I was sitting at a table of AV professionals and I heard a remark about how the weather is really actually consistent year over year, so those people in Washington should go stuff it with this whole climate change business. It was interesting to watch the reactions of those sitting at the table. There […]

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The Lighter Shade of Green (And I Don’t Mean Chartreuse)

November 26, 2013

As we approach the holidays and our year begins to wind down, I thought I’d have a little fun. I hope you enjoy my columns about world-changing websites such as change.org and green information on topics as varied as noise pollution, but I want to switch gears a little this month. I think we all […]

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What You Should Know About Lifecycle Assessment

October 30, 2013

OK folks, dig your tailbone into your seat and maybe grab a cup of coffee before you delve into this month’s column. It’s going to be more technical than usual, but I’ll keep it as relevant and useful as possible. Last month, we spoke about transparency, and how that can have huge implications in a […]

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From Petitions to Buycotting: The Value of Transparency

August 29, 2013

Can you imagine living in a world where an 18 year old boy’s complaints lead to a meeting with senior executives of a global clothing retailer just weeks later? Or one where a woman’s initiative eradicates an ancient caste system in an Indian town? Well, imagine it — because we do. We live in a […]

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The Smart, Intelligent, Automated, Connected, Wired Planet of Things

July 31, 2013

If there is one thing that has captured my imagination and leaves my head in the clouds daydreaming, it’s the concept of nonliving objects that can seemingly think, react and even anticipate needs. Often termed the Internet of Things, those of us in the AV industry are more familiar with the related concept of smart […]

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GreenAV – Episode 8: Learn All About Smart Building Technology with PepperDash President Howard Nunes

June 24, 2013

This month, explore the future of the AV world “post-convergence” through a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation with an industry leader and expert in AudioVisual programming, Howard Nunes, President and CEO of PepperDash Technology. This session ranges from learning what “Smart Building” actually means – and the three characteristics that define a smart building – to grasping […]

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A Different Kind of Green Trade Show Checklist

May 30, 2013

In each of the last two years, in the month approaching the annual InfoComm trade show, I have provided you with lists of the best questions to ask your manufacturers to help you with your sustainable procurement. In 2011, it was really my best stab at an organized list, based off of my personal experience. […]

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GreenAV – Episode 7: What Does it Take to be a Green AV Professional?

April 30, 2013

This month I had the pleasure of chatting with Allen Weidman, InfoComm International’s Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the STEP Foundation. Allen’s story is especially interesting and inspiring, as a professional without formal training or environmental sciences background, his passion and focus on best business practices led him to becoming a Sustainability Officer. Allen shares some of […]

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Rants and rAVes – Episode 111: InfoComm Giveaways for Kids

April 30, 2013

In addition to talking about our InfoComm plans, I also focus on a brand-new column from Midori Connolly that appeared in our rAVe GHGav publication. Having trouble listening to the podcast on this page? You can subscribe using RSS, iTunes or the Stitcher mobile App Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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Green Business and Sustainability All Grown Up

April 29, 2013

This month, I am going to throw some numbers, facts and statistics at you. I’m not going to give you all the answers as to how this information can be of benefit, but I want to provide the inspiration for you to think about how it impacts your business and how crucial sustainability is to […]

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GreenAV – Episode 6: Paper Isn’t the Devil, but it is Kind of a Problem

March 28, 2013

This year I discovered one of those products that is a true solution to a major issue. I found an incredible collateral/material distribution system that can address the major issue of paper consumption and have a chat with the co-founder, Joshua Shannon. I also throw down this month’s challenge that revolves around paper measurement and […]

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An Institution of Greener Education

March 27, 2013

If you’re serious about sustainability, you must be committed to being educated on key concepts, technology and emerging trends. But, this type of education can be difficult to find! From green building materials to Cleantech, there are a number of associations and publications out there, but it can be overwhelming trying to decide which will […]

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GreenAV – Episode 4: It’s Showtime in 2013

January 30, 2013

This month, listen in while Midori chats with two event production experts, Johanna Walsh and Jill Drury. They chat a little about effective tactics for successful teams when it comes to implementing green practices (besides being two beautiful and charming women!), purchasing considerations from a buyer’s perspective, as well as how Jill has worked to create a […]

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Looking Back and Forging Ahead: Preparing for 2013

January 24, 2013

Did anyone here read the first column I ever wrote for Green AV? If you didn’t, you should. It was good… I mean, really good. I told you I would focus on goal-setting, and sharing success stories with you. I said this place would be less about scare tactics, and more about envisioning together where we […]

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Big Data, Smart AV

December 21, 2012

By Midori Connolly Right now, there isn’t much bigger than big data. Big data, data mining and business intelligence (BI) are the hottest terms around, and our industry is poised to capitalize on this trend. In case you’re still a little unsure about these terms, here is my best explanation of the relationship between these terms, […]

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GreenAV – Episode 3: ProAV Goes to Capitol Hill

December 20, 2012

In May 2012, Scott Walker and Gary Hill were invited to make a presentation to the U.S. House of Representatives’ High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition. From Gary’s passionate presentation about sustainability efforts at Cisco (and the AV industry as a whole), to Scott’s wide-eyed excitement at being able to represent STEP, listen to this podcast for […]

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GreenAV – Episode 2: From Design to Stage, Green AV at the Theater!

November 27, 2012

In this month’s show, Midori chats with Raymond Kent, the Managing Principal of Sustainable Technologies Group and the 2012 Green AV Award recipient. He gives an outstanding overview of a few theatrical projects where the emphasis was on sustainability, with impressive numbers and data to show for the projects. We talk a bit about the importance of […]

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Green AV and Noise Pollution

November 27, 2012

By Midori Connolly A few months ago, a good friend of mine reached out to me with the most interesting dilemma. She was overseeing a study on a new amphitheater project in a pristine area of Central America. She asked me what I knew about noise pollution, and the potential implications of such a project in […]

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GreenAV – Episode 1: Midori Means Green

October 30, 2012

In the inaugural episode of the industry’s first GreenAV podcast, Gary Kayye introduces our GreenAV host, Midori Connolly. Midori shares her story of how she started her staging and meeting AV company on a GreenAV path, pushing against the industry’s  flow to pioneer new methods in staging. She also outlines benefits of using green products and green practices, and gives a preview of what she […]

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A Bit About Batteries

October 30, 2012

By Midori Connolly If there is one thing that has always plagued me about our business, it’s the consumption of batteries. Whether we are on the integrated/installed side of the business or the wild west of live events, there is one little nuisance we all share… and that is the vexing hassle of battery consumption. In […]

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The Importance of a Green Procurement Policy

September 25, 2012

Besides a solid sustainability policy, there is one other policy that anyone interested in Green AV needs to know about. Plus, it is actually an integral part of the sustainability policy. This is a procurement policy, which outlines an organization’s formal procedures and considerations for purchasing goods and services. Companies that implement formal, strategic procurement […]

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Offsetting: What the AV Pro Should Know

August 30, 2012

If you’re like me, when you first heard about carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality years ago, you rejoiced at being able to purchase a certificate that said we were doing the “right thing.” In our innocence, we figured we no longer had to feel guilty or concerned about the implications of our equipment wattage reaching […]

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An Eco-Certification Primer

July 30, 2012

Have you ever done your best to swim through the alphabet soup of eco-certifications? And with Apple voluntarily pulling the EPEAT label from its products (and then changing its mind two days later), there is increased scrutiny and more need than ever to understand how these labels differ and what each brings to the table. […]

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Metrics Matter: How to Develop Green AV Key Performance Indicators

April 23, 2012

It recently dawned on me that I’ve been throwing a lot of cool information about reporting, standards and other tools at you, but I’ve never really done a deeper dive into how to do some of these things. So this month I’m going to walk you through the process of developing KPI, or Key Performance […]

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