Smart Building Conference, London, Reveals a Market Opportunity for AV


I’ve just returned from the second installment of the Smart Building Conference, which took place in London on October 15th. Organized by Integrated Systems Europe, the event covered an emerging market for smart building initiatives, with various building systems such security, audiovisual, IT, HVAC, lighting, business systems, control systems, emergency paging, energy efficiency management, and […]

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AV Systems in Justice Buildings


Audiovisual is often considered a business critical technology. AV systems can impact the performance of a building and benefit the health, safety, welfare and productivity of building occupants. In justice buildings and courtrooms, a properly functioning AV system is crucial. The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architect for Justice (AIA/AAJ) is an organization dedicated […]

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Building Information Modeling: No Longer A “Nice To Have,” Now a “Must Have”


Construction budgets are tighter than ever these days, so architects and engineers rely on Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help the project team work together to detect design conflicts, to utilize systems space more efficiently and to create data-bases of system components and placed material. Detecting and correcting design flaws reduces the need for change […]

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As I travel around the country, visiting architects and meeting engineers and other designers, I often ask them if they use Building Information Modeling.  Most of them do. This 3D design, simulation and modeling technology has changed the way that architecture is practiced.  By using this tool, designers can create a 3D replica of what […]

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