Mobile Micro-Controls for Big AV in Churches

April 24, 2019

During rehearsals before Sunday services, the monitor mix (A2) guy walks onto the stage and approaches each of the vocalists one at a time and has a brief conversation while looking between the singer and the iPad tablet in the A2’s hand. During these brief 15 to 30 second chats, the vocalist removes one of […]

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Is the AV Industry Getting Soft? Part 2: Hiring in 2019

December 29, 2018

Last month I asked if the AV Industry was getting soft.  I hope that it is… because it should be. In a time when technology is advancing at an alarming rate and becoming more and more advanced, it may seem counterintuitive to tell companies that they should hire less technically minded people, but that is […]

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The Future of AV: Educate. Engage. Encourage.

August 27, 2018

When does selling audiovisual technology shift away from the outdated features and benefits sales model and transform into something entirely different? Something so radically divergent that it actually makes sense to an AV industry in transition? 2018’s technology stack is here with the answer: when vendors leverage the social, marketing and sales technologies to go […]

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Asking the Right Questions

March 20, 2018

I’m an extrovert. Most people assume this means I love to talk all the time, I’m energized by social situations, I like to solve problems by discussing them, I’m extremely friendly and imminently approachable and I am easy to get to know. Those are all generally true, but being married to an introvert has enlightened […]

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Sympathy — Is it a Sign of Weakness in Sales?

July 21, 2015

(An exerpt from the book Da Vinci Sales – The 7 Keys to Selling Like Leonardo) Sales is a dog eat dog world. In sales you don’t have time to care and you can’t be weak…or can you? Should you?  Does sympathy pay off in sales? If so, which should you be, sympathetic or empathetic? […]

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Everything is Empathy

December 3, 2013

Think about your last horrible experience with a company. Perhaps the product didn’t work as expected or advertised. Did that company listen to you and try to make it right in a way that was mutually acceptable? Or did you get the loathsome “I’m sorry you feel that way,” which is a particularly insidious type […]

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