LCD TV Brands’ Production Expected To Reach Record High in October

October 15, 2014

By David Hsieh DisplaySearch Since Q2’14, LCD TV panels have been in tight supply due to increases in purchasing by some leading LCD TV brands. As shown in our Monthly Large-Area LCD Pricing Report, prices for mainstream sizes (32”, 40”, 42”, 48”/49” and even 50”, 55”) have been increasing. In Q3’14, we reported that leading […]

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New Display Sizes and Formats to Look for in 2014

January 16, 2014

By David Hsieh DisplaySearch It can be said that the flat panel display industry started in 1993, and at the age of twenty, the issue of maturity arises. While flat panel volume growth has slowed, product innovations continue. As we have discussed, the display is the most important user interface for devices, which utilize it […]

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4K TV Boom – Over 30M in 2014?

November 6, 2013

By David Hsieh DisplaySearch As shipments of LCD TVs passed the 200 million level and entered a more mature stage, panel makers and TV brands have been discussing how to grow the TV business to the next level. New features and smart TV are possible ways to drive growth. While consumers always rate “picture performance” […]

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Sharp Samsung Alliance – An Alliance of Mutual Benefits

March 7, 2013

According to news reports, Sharp is in talks with Samsung on concluding a capital and business alliance. The two sides are believed to be in final negotiations, with Sharp likely to receive around 10 billion yen ($107M) in investment from Samsung, in exchange for a 3 percent stake of Sharp. We believe Samsung’s main purpose […]

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Will Samsung and LG Display Work Together on AMOLED?

February 14, 2013

By David Hsieh Korean news reported that Samsung and LG Display, through the encouragement of the Korean government, are starting to talk with other about settling various intellectual property disputes over AMOLED, and possibly on ways that they can work together on AMOLED technology and market development. Samsung, which focuses on RGB technology, has been in disputes with […]

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Big Change in 2013 LCD TV Panel Supply

December 26, 2012

By David Hsieh Since Q2’12, the LCD TV panel market has witnessed a shift in screen sizes, with new models focused on 28”, 29”, 39”, 43”, 48”, 50”, 58” and 60” displays. The rise of the new sizes has become the hottest topic in the LCD TV market. According to the Quarterly Large-Area TFT Panel Shipment […]

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Korean Panel Makers Change TV Priorities: OLED vs. 4Kx2K

December 14, 2012

By David Hsieh Korean TV panel makers are in the process of adjusting their priorities. The adjustment is mainly due to difficulties in commercializing AMOLED TV, but also to the fact that the outlook for 4Kx2K (ultra-high definition) TV is becoming more promising. Since the beginning of 2012, when both Samsung and LG Display demonstrated […]

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Tablet PC Panels Shipment Exceeded Notebook PC Panel

November 26, 2012

By David Hsieh As we recently noted, tablet PC shipments are likely to overtake those of notebooks in North America this quarter. In a milestone for the global industry, in October tablet PC panel shipments exceeded those of notebook PC panels. Can this be an indicator of a broader shift to tablet PCs from the clamshell notebook […]

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Will Apple Keep Upgrading Display Resolution?

November 9, 2012

By David Hsieh With the launch of the iPhone and iPad, as well as the new Macbook, Apple has continued on its path of increasing its display resolution. Apple created the term “Retina display” not just as a marketing phrase, but to educate end users about high resolution. Apple has been leading the trend in displays […]

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Faster 4Kx2K, Slower AMOLED TV?

September 17, 2012

It seems that AMOLED TVs might take longer to be commercialized than most realized. The challenges of producing AMOLED TV panels include the TFT backplane and the organic materials evaporation and encapsulation processes. Recently in Berlin, the OLED leaders, Samsung Display and LG Display, demonstrated their 55” Full HD OLED TVs, not only at the […]

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