Three Exceptional Days at InfoComm 2016: Day One

April 28, 2016

By Brad Grimes Director of Communications, InfoComm International [Editor’s note: As a politician might say, what follows depends on what you mean by “three.” Three is so relative. InfoComm 2016 is way more than three days. Maybe you’re there all week, in which case “three” really means, like, “five” or “six.” See what we mean? […]

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Anatomy of the Podcast – Part 2: AV Power Up (A Great Year in Review)

December 16, 2015

I pick up in Part 2 with the show that has certainly been a large part of my year in 2015, working with some of the best and most dedicated people I have ever come to know. When you talk about a team, the AV Power Up crew embodies that term – in fact so much […]

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AVEC 2015, Twitter and the Joe Theismann Story

November 19, 2015

From InfoComm’s AV Executive Conference 2015 page: Join your industry peers for the third annual InfoComm AV Executive Conference (AVEC). This year’s event centers on the themes of business renewal and the principles of the “experience economy.” Your AVEC experience starts with the opening reception and dinner, where you’ll meet your fellow industry executives and make […]

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InfoComm: What I Learned About IoT at the InfoComm Keynote

June 20, 2015

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International Great seeing all of you packed into the opening keynote panel, Tuesday afternoon of InfoComm 2015 in Orlando. As you know (and for those of you who weren’t there, you may have heard), the topic was the Internet of Things. Seems a little far afield for an AV industry confab. […]

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InfoComm: Three Exceptional Days for AV Integrators

May 26, 2015

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International It’s come to this, has it? Only about a month until InfoComm 2015 and you haven’t finished your planning. Because you’re an AV integrator, we get it. With your workload what it is, you need to be focused on projects. Oh, what you wouldn’t give for someone to just tell […]

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InfoComm: Three Exceptional Days for Tech Managers

April 5, 2015

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International That’s right. It’s time to start planning for June. More specifically, for InfoComm 2015 in Orlando and the exceptional experiences [VIDEO] you’ll enjoy. As you know, there will be about a zillion things you could do at InfoComm 2015. It’s really an all-week affair, when you take into account education, […]

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InfoComm: Shhh, My Cough is My Business

December 1, 2014

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International You know how you sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office for, like, 45 minutes? Then they take you through a door and into an exam room — where you wait some more? Have you ever sat there, not knowing what to look at, and overheard your doctor […]

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InfoComm: The Value Proposition of Videoconferencing May Have Been a Little Off, But That’s OK

October 15, 2014

By Brad Grimes Director of Editorial Services, InfoComm International Have you seen the new TV advertisements for GoToMeeting, the online collaboration tool that most of us have probably used at one time or another? The company is highlighting videoconferencing integration and touting reduced travel as a top benefit. Been there? Done that? I probably don’t […]

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InfoComm: Overheard at GovComm 2013

December 12, 2013

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International Seriously, next time GovComm, the D.C.-area AV/IT trade show put on by InfoComm, rolls around, drop by, if for no other reason than to take in the federal technology lingo. People like Day One keynote speaker Jill Tummler Singer (pictured) really know their AV and IT, and they talk about […]

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InfoComm: Pro AV Forecast: Peaks and Valleys?

October 4, 2013

By Brad Grimes InfoComm AV companies are at it again. You’re reporting growing sales, surging cash balances and two-year-high gross margins. What’s not to love about these business conditions? “We are seeing a strong uptick in all the AV indicators,” reports Frank Coker, CEO of CoreConnex, which recently published a new InfoComm AV Industry Index, […]

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InfoComm: AirPlay, AirMedia or Something Else? Parsing Wireless Presentation Systems

September 5, 2013

By Brad Grimes InfoComm International Earlier this summer, Google came out with a gadget called Chromecast, which plugs into the HDMI port of a flat-panel HDTV and allows users to control the TV wirelessly from a mobile device and send video content to the screen. The mainstream media rejoiced. It was another technological step toward […]

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InfoComm: Designing for High Contrast: How One University Uses InfoComm’s Projected Image Standard

December 3, 2012

This column was reprinted with permission from InfoComm International and originally appeared here. By Brad Grimes Several years ago, like most people, the art history faculty at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, put aside their slide projectors and embraced the convenience of computer projection. They weren’t thrilled with the results. “Ever since, they’ve said they’re […]

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InfoComm: Cracking the Healthcare AV Market

November 28, 2012

This column was reprinted with permission from InfoComm and originally appeared here. By Brad Grimes Laura Adams, CEO of theRhode Island Quality Institute, has a request for those of you working in AV and IT: work together on a way to incorporate video into electronic health records. Speaking this week on the opening panel of the inauguralTechnology […]

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InfoComm: What You Need to Know About Smart Buildings

November 15, 2012

This column was reprinted with permission from InfoComm International and originally appeared here. By Brad Grimes It’s always a good sign when like minds come together and confirm something you’ve long suspected. Like the fact that demand for smart building technology is real and AV professionals are positioned to fill an “expertise void” in its integration […]

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