Want More Female Speakers at CES? Get Rid of Booth Babes

January 11, 2018

(Full disclosure: I don’t attend CES). My Twitter feed is rife with discussion about this year’s slate of keynote speakers at CES: six captains of industry and not one of them a woman (and only one of them not white). Even mainstream news outlets are talking about this. I mean, there was an article in […]

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#MeToo and the AV Industry

November 1, 2017

Like so many other people, I have read about the Harvey Weinstein scandal over the past several weeks with disgust. As the story grew and the #MeToo campaign went viral, I forced myself to listen to statements from women around the country and to read their messages. I say “forced” because it is not easy […]

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Of Book Worms and Booth Babes

October 15, 2015

My wife is a beautiful and extremely intelligent woman.  She currently does promotional marketing work, as it pays well and is typically done on the weekends, which allows one of us to always be with our kids. She has worked everything from auto shows to BlizzCon and ComicCon to technology trade shows.  The roles have […]

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AV Standards, or Is It the Double Standard?

October 14, 2015

By Ron DeVoe Successful Sales Consulting I have enjoyed having guest editorials published with rAVe. In times past my contributions have been more for entertainment than insight. However, this rambling is a result of my increasing awareness of the double standard that we, in our beloved industry, seem to ignore and that deals with women […]

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Another Look at Booth Babes and InfoComm14

July 1, 2014

This admittedly took me a little longer to get around to writing. Most of what I write is stream of consciousness, so it takes little time and effort to crack my brain open like an egg and spill it onto the keyboard. This post however required a little more thought, reflection, and some research, and […]

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Post InfoComm Wrap-up: Part the Third – The Issue of Booth Babes and A Call to Arms

June 24, 2014

My InfoComm wrap-up will be in FOUR parts this time. Next part will be about technology. Before we get into that, I have something important to say — something about this show which bothers me. Read on. Some of you who follow me on Twitter might have seen my hashtag #AVHallOfShame. It’s one I use […]

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