InfoComm: Wearables and Digital Signage


By Jennifer Davis Vice President of Marketing, Planar Systems and RUNCO International I have had an iWatch for several months now and have enjoyed using it for messaging notifications, calling an Uber car, making purchases, capturing ideas into Evernote or accessing boarding passes. I have found the health monitoring and alerts uncompelling and the apps […]

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The Technology of Sales


Interestingly I listen to sales people in the AV (AV/IT, etc.) industry talk about trying to explain what they do to someone whether at an event, a party or even in an elevator, where of course you have about 20-30 seconds (thus the elevator pitch) to get that Aha moment from the listener. In my almost […]

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The Apple Watch – Enterprise Transformation and the Security Factor


In my previous blog A New Model for the Device Driven Enterprise about enterprise apps being written specifically for Apple Watch usage, I linked to an article from September 2014 Apple Watch: The Internet of Things’ new frontier where (InfoWorld’s executive editor) Galen Gruman stated that “Apple’s new Apple Watch — to be released in early 2015 and […]

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