Amber Solutions Intros New Solid-State Two-Wire Dimmer Solution


Amber Solutions introduced a solid-state two-wire dimmer solution that works without a neutral wire, is compatible with most types of LED lighting, offers flicker-free performance with a wider range of LED bulbs and fixtures, and provides smooth, precise dimming from zero percent to max power. Combining Amber’s patented solid-state AC/DC Enabler and AC Switch for […]

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Amber Solutions Is Moving Closer to Making This Control a Mainstream Reality


You may recall a story we published on Amber Solutions back in April — when the company received a patent for solid-state electricity control. Amber Solutions announced Thursday that it has signed one Letter of Intent with revenue and six Memorandums of Understanding with leading global electronics manufacturers — three of which were signed during […]

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This is Cool: Here’s a Module That Allows for Solid-State Control of Power!


Amber Solutions announced Wednesday that the solid-state digital control of electricity is now possible in every device, appliance, power cord and endpoint with the availability of its patented Amber AC/DC Enabler and Amber AC Switch. The AC/DC Enabler is a patented, UL-certified and globally compatible 30mm x 15mm x 8mm solid-state digital power management and […]

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