Making Digital Signage Accessible for All

March 8, 2021

In my first column “What I Learned About the Digital Signage Industry (Year One),” I provided a lot of information (especially on my link to key words and definitions) about how to engage and focus on the human senses to enhance the digital signage experience. But what if your audience members have disabilities that could […]

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COVID Will Have a Positive Lasting Experience on Accessibility

November 2, 2020

For years, many of us in higher ed have used the various laws associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act to determine what was required for accessibility in classroom and campus spaces. We thought about things like closed captioning for movies, support for hearing aids and the ability to view a screen properly. However, this […]

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On Delightful User Experiences

March 26, 2018

Some categorize the quality of a user experience as a hierarchy, like this one: An accessible user interface does its job. You can access and interact with the interface. A usable interface is one which can be manipulated to achieve a desired result. This doesn’t mean that the result is something of particular value to […]

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Designing for Access

March 6, 2018

I recently had the privilege of working with a client who has very real and very serious vision problems. I say it was a privilege because every time I work with someone who wants something beyond my standard touch panel design, I learn from it. Looking at a touch panel through a client’s eyes (in […]

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Accessibility for Everyone in a Virtual World

August 21, 2016

A great deal of digital ink has been spilled on the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, including on these very pages by Gary Kayye, on the AV Power Up! podcast and, of course, by yours truly. There is one more thought which I’d like to share before I wander off to talk about something else, which […]

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