StrapSetter Tool Simplifies Truck Loading

StrapSetter1-0516Anyone who has loaded gear into a truck has probably struggled to connect a logistics strap in a tight spot. Now there is a solution: StrapSetter is a new tool that helps you reach deep into narrow gaps to connect your straps, making it easy to add straps after the cargo is in place. StrapSetter makes it faster and easier to properly restrain your load and protect your valuable cargo.

The long, slim tool can reach into gaps as narrow as the strap fitting itself, and is long enough to reach all the way to the next logistics post. The StrapSetter is then used to manipulate the strap fitting into the track, and the user simply withdraws the tool to lock the fitting into place. StrapSetter features steel construction, a high-visibility polymer grip, and a hook to hang it on the track and keep it handy.

Made by a small company in Canada, StrapSetter was developed by an industry professional after many years of loading trailers for touring shows. The $39.95 StrapSetter is here.